Molded material made of Aramid fibers, mineral fibers, organic fibers, heat resistant polymers, and very special additives, which offer a great performance, with high friction coefficient and very smooth sliding .

Type: Molded friction material

  • Availability: Some part numbers, grooved, drilled, plain and steel back.
  • Applications: industrial machinery. Its use is under dry operating conditions, oil-free; however, to be contaminated with trace amounts of oil will not affect the performance.
  • Wear Rate(@ 17.25 Pound force, 23.30 ft/seg): 4.33E-03 In^3/hp-hr
  • Tº Fading(@ 17.25 Pound force, 23.30 ft/seg): 320ºC
  • Hardness (DIN53505): 88 – 90 Shore-D
  • Specific Gravity : 1.8068gr/cm3
  • Burst Resistant (7.875” x 5.125” x 0.138”)@250ºC No grooved : 9000RPM
  • TºMax. Continuous Operation: 300ºC
  • Tº Max. Intermittent Operation: 350ºC

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